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About us

At PPT we want to take the “blah blah” out of marketing.

We want to provide custom-made marketing packages suited to your budget and your needs, designed to effectively deliver results. We don’t want to hide behind a retainer and send an email every so often, we want to take an involved approach to marketing. With consultants available around the clock to stand by your side and get you the sale.

We consider ourselves a marketing agency with a modern outlook and method. Our focus is to find the core marketing avenues for each company and to focus on these instead of a “shotgun” approach of trying everything in the hopes of results.

This approach is intended to both save costs and hasten the effectiveness of advertisements, there is no need to waste your capital on ineffective avenues.

As with most industries, planning is key, and we have fully incorporated this into our system.

Implimenting a Strategy

Step 1


We need to know what your company is all about. What makes you unique? Why do people use your product/service? What is the status of the company’s online presence? What is its reputation? Who does it appeal to? What are its strengths and weaknesses? In short: who is this company?

Step 2


With the company's focus, strengths/weaknesses, culture and target audience examined we determine what venues of marketing will actually be of use. There is no need to waste capital on ineffective avenues. What aspects of your company are people interested by? Who are the people who think your company is epic? Why do they think so? What do they want and how do we let them know that you have it? This is where the identity of the company is explored and broadened.

Step 3


We need to know what the company is more than what it sells. A favourite question: if I told you one thing about this company, what would make you buy from them? With the provided information a comprehensive marketing strategy is compiled with a timeline in place. The method of delivery is determined (usually three channels) and a budget discussed. Sub-contractors are used for key areas to improve efficiency and decrease cost.

Step 4


After all is said and done, you want more sales. The previously determined methods are executed. Results are measured daily, and advertisements are adjusted. We make the statistics openly available to our clients to look at independently. The idea is that once action is taken, it is an accurate and effective action. Actions should be logical, methodical and intentional.

Step 5


Marketing is heavily reliant on data. We realise this and provide a monthly report to determine effective and ineffective campaigns. The data is analysed, and the needed adjustments are made. This is where our experience plays its biggest role. This is where costs are saved, and campaigns are optimised for results. The process is restarted and thus refined. Each step further refines the company identity and results start to become effortless over time. People start to associate the company with set values and relate to these values. The company becomes more than a simple legal entity and over time gains a personality.

The Closer

We offer both direct marketing and passive advertising, our specialty being direct marketing. We tailor-make all our packages and make use of hand-picked specialists to broaden our services. As our packages are tailored for each client our prices differ.Here is an indication of our services offered.

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